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I didn't do all that much yesterday, the usual array of housework and laundry were achieved. Matthew and Chris are both back at school now, and after lunch Ian and David both went off to Liverpool to collect some train tickets for Wednesday, and they went to the dentist on the way home for David to have a scrape and polish. So I had the house to myself for the first time in ages, I put some music on and got my paints out. I had a lovely time painting and was really pleased with one of the pictures, I might post it here, once I'm sure it's dry enough to scan. The afternoon flew by, and people started arriving home before I knew it. After that it was the usual round of tea and homework. In the evening I watched another episode of Morse, I'm up to series 4 by now, and I was making birthday invitations while I was watching, which is quite fun.
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