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It managed to get light yesterday, in fact it was a lovely sunny day, a short day, but very pleasant to be outside, a great contrast to the gloom of the previous day.

Ian and David set off to London early yesterday, so I had a quiet morning getting the housework done, answering the phone and lj-ing. About 11 o'clock I went round to Mum's place where I had lunch. Margaret picked me up from there and we went off to the cinema to see the fourth Harry Potter movie. I had seen it before, but it's a good movie and I enjoyed seeing it again.

When I got home I made our tea, and after that I set off for a seminar at church, "Once saved, always saved". It was a good event, Nick was well prepared and presented his material very clearly, and attendance was good, I think there were probably 50 or 60 people there. Debbi and Ian gave me a lift home, which was nice.

Ian and David didn't arrive home until very late, I spent some of the time waiting for playing around with some words and music at the piano, but eventually gave up and blobbed in front of the television till they arrived. Ian seems to have had a good interview and David seems to have a good time at The Towewr Of London. They both seem to have enjoyed an Indian meal with our good friend David.

Today I'm going to have coffee with Angela, so that will be fun.
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