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We now have 6 very fine, new dining room chairs. They arrived at around half past nine yesterday and it took David and me about two hours to build them all. They look really good, and seem very comfortable to sit on. At least we won't have to worry about these chairs suddenly collapsing whilst people are sitting on them!

Mum came round after lunch, she had bought some trousers for David and while she was here our Asda order arrived. David and Ian went off to Birkenhead, and they finally managed to buy David a new mobile phone.

After an early tea, David went off to Life which he seems to have enjoyed and later we went off to the Prayer meeting, it was all about Tearfund. We watched a DVD which was quite interesting but didn't leave me feeling much better informed about Tearfund's work! It was quite a good meeting overall though, and they've got some new blue chairs at the church hall, it must be the week of new chairs!

Today Margaret is coming here for lunch, and afterwards we are going to the wool shop to choose some wool for a scarf she is going to knit for me! Meanwhile Matthew is going to Stratford today to see Great Expectations, so he'll be back late. Still they have a development day at school tomorrow so he doesn't have to go at all! Chris came home with lots of notices last night, and apparently he will be going to the theatre in Chester and take a short break in France, whilst we only have a Parent's evening to look forward to!


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Jan. 19th, 2006 11:34 am (UTC)
development day
Maybe you already know, because of your Mum's background, or already knew about development days before rejoining the UK education system. Most of us still call them "Baker" days, after the person who was in control when they were introduced. It was a system introduced when Ben was in primary school where the teachers have about 4 days a year were they have a pupil free day to enable them to take part in training sessions or seminars or such like.
When I was at work it was a real pain remembering when they were being slotted in, to make sure Ben had child care, especially when they weren't attached to the begining or end of a school term. Now I am not working I quite enjoy time with Ben when everyone else is at other schools or working. I know Ben is well pleased not to be in school tomorrow, as we have had a hard week here. Fireworks on the domestic front have been spectacular, wonder you didn't hear it from where you are! Andrew is also in work today and tomorrow on 12 hour days, so that means tomorrow really is just time for Ben and me to be together. I've promised him to go looking for a new trombone. I hope you enjoy lunch and your trip out with Margaret. I'm just about ready to leave for my appointment at Liverpool Cardiothoracic Centre. (That will cost £3.60 for tunnels and parking combined, and will be a complete waste of time - it always is)! I'm going to guess at the colour of the wool now. Oh so hard to guess, all the bright primary colours keep filling my head. Orange or Blue - yes, I know orange isn't a primary colur! Blue! (A turquoise sort of blue). Do let me know who wrong I was!
Jan. 19th, 2006 11:57 am (UTC)
Re: development day
I only know about Baker days because of Mum being a teacher, Matthew has organised to go and play 5 a side soccer with some friends in Wallasey tomorrow, so I doubt I will see much more of him tomorrow than on a school day. I don't know what colour scarf I want, I'm hoping that seeing the wool will inspire me, I'll let you know!
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