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Matthew has the day off school today, but has headed off with friends to Wallasey to play 5-a-side soccer. David went to the dentist this morning and had his first ever filling. He seems to have survived without being too traumatised. I've been to Coffee Plus this morning, it was a bit smaller group today, Marie is in Madrid and Chris had to work today, a couple of other people missing too. Still nice though and we had the window cleaners doing the windows during the bible study for added entertainment.

In other news Matthew seems to have enjoyed his trip to Stratford, though I gather Stratford McDonalds was a little overwhelmed by 90 boys turning up and demanding lunch. I've also chosen the wool for my scarf, it is orange with flecks of yellow and brown. I think it will look nice knitted up. I'll post a picture when it's done!
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