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I had problems logging in here just now, I had to change browsers to get in!

This morning Mum and I went to a seminar at the Village Hotel in Bromborough. It was by a company caled Positive Solutions who are independent financial advisers. The main topic was inheritance tax and avoiding it. There was lots of boring financial stuff at the start which they are legally obliged to tell you, but there were some interesting parts to which I think we should probably act on. There was a really nice buffet lunch at the end too, all free, so it was well worth going.

In the afternoon I set about filling in David's application for the 6th form at Wirral Grammar. The hard bit is the projected grades, because athough we should have his full results in less than a week, the format in which the results are presented is so different to the British system that it's hard to compare. However we finally managed to access David's info on NZQA's website, and it shows that David aready has 94 credits (80 required to pass) including the compulsory 8 credits in numeracy and 8 credits in literacy, before the results of the external assessments are published, so I don't think it should be too hard to convince them that he's suitable sixth form material! We'll see I guess!

This evening was parents evening at Birkenhead school for Chris. Most reports seemed very positive, he has settled in well and his teachers seem to think he is a bright, polite boy who is doing well, except that he is a pain in art lessons,and talks too much in music! No surprises there, but apparently he's great at Latin and English, and is particularly polite in history!
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