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They say life begins at 40, which means my life begins one month from tomorrow. If up to now has just been a practice, it's been pretty busy! Not only have I been married for nearly 19 years to a wonderful man and had three amazing children, and lots of really special friends, I've lived in 3 different countries, all of which I loved. I've been very lucky and very happy!

But just for fun:

Ten favourite places I've been (and would like to revisit)
1 The Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
2 Teotuhuacan, pyramid complex near Mexico City
3 Downtown New York City, (Statue of Liberty, Staten Island ferry)
4 Rotorua, New Zealand (especially Rainbow Springs, Whakarewarewa etc)
5 Disneyworld in Florida
6 Beaches in Vanuatu (especially the ones in North Efate)
7 Yorkshire (The Moors, Mother Shipton's Cave, Richmond,...)
8 Italy (Especially Florence and Rome)
9 Japan (Especially Kyoto)
10 Ballarat (Sovereign Hill), Victoria, Australia

Ten amazing or interesting things I've done.
1 Flown in a helicopter
2 Looked into the crater of an active volcano
3 Jet boating (on the Huka River and in the ocean in Vanuatu)
4 Flown over the Victoria Falls in a small plane
5 Ridden an elephant in Thailand and a camel in Lanzarote
6 Abseiling down a cliff (the most frightening thing I've done!)
7 Snorkelling around coral reefs in Vanuatu
8 Travelled in a tuktuk in Hong Kong
9 Going on the Luge
10 Walked around outside on the roof of St Stephens Cathedral in Vienna

Ten places I want to go in the next 40 years! (but haven't been yet)
1 Egypt (pyramids, Valley of Kings, Abu Simbel etc)
2 Iceland
3 Taj Mahal (and surrounding area of course!)
4 Greece, Athens and the islands
5 Peru (mayan things)
6 Russia especially Moscow
7 Spain (cities not resorts!)
8 The Caribbean
9 Cornwall
10 San Francisco

Ten things I want to do
1 Go in a hot air balloon
2 Go on the Trans Siberian Express
3 Go paragliding
4 Sail in a felucca
5 Ride in a gondola in Venice
6 Swim with dolphins
7 Go through the Channel Tunnel
8 Fly over the Grand Canyon
9 Swim in the Dead Sea
10 Visit Neuenschwanstein Castle


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Jan. 25th, 2006 10:46 am (UTC)
OMG, I think I have a very boring life. I don't think I could even fill this one out *sigh*
You have great experiences and great dreams. I hope they all come true in the next forty years! And I hope we stay friends too *g*
Jan. 25th, 2006 11:25 am (UTC)
I'll let you know, how far I get with my dream lists, at least some of those things should be easy to do, some might be harder (and more expensive too!)
I didn't find it hard to think of things for any of those lists especially the last 2, there are masses of places I'm just longing to go and see, if only I had unlimited time and money...

In the meantime, we've booked a trip to Pisa and Florence, in the half term break as my birthday present !! :)
Jan. 25th, 2006 06:16 pm (UTC)
The Spanish cities are worth a visit. So are parts of the Caribbean - but be careful- don't let travel agents plan your trip or you'll just get tourist tat. Neuschwanstein is beautiful, and so is the surrounding countryside - lots to do and see.

I couldn't do the middle one - amazing/interesting things I've done. As soon as I've done them I see them as ordinary somehow! But I might try!
Jan. 25th, 2006 10:47 pm (UTC)
don't let travel agents plan your trip or you'll just get tourist tat.
I've never used travel agents to plan a trip, only to book flights from time to time, but we do most of that ourselves too. For me, reading about the places I'm going and what there is to see and planning how to get there is at least half of the fun. I like to travel in local buses, talk to local people, eat local food etc and find out how people live and what they think, as well as see the "sights"

As soon as I've done them I see them as ordinary somehow!

I know what you mean by that but some experiences really stand out, snorkelling was amazing, I really felt as though I had entered another world, and I still feel awed when I think about it. The whole Victoria Falls thing was awesome too, breathtaking beauty and amazing power all in one.
The other one that stands out was jet boating in Vila harbour, that was really wild, and probably not incredibly safe. It was exhilarating and with huge force of air and blasts of salty water in your face it literally took your breath away!
Jan. 26th, 2006 11:46 am (UTC)
That sounds like our holidays - here and abroad. Nowadays, with internet booking, you don't even need agents for flights. Though sometimes we use Airmiles, because we shop at Tesco, with a Tesco credit card, and get lots!
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