Viv (vivh) wrote,

Angela came for coffee yesterday morning, and it was lovely to have a chat. Ian had an interview in Chester in the afternoon and he has another one today. I caught up with various bits and pieces I needed to do around the house and enough laundry sorting and ironing to stop the basket overflowing. Last night we went to a Tearfund prayer meeting, though information meeting would probably be a better title, because there was a lot of information sharing and not much prayer! There was an overview of the work they have done through 2005 including the tsunami and south east Asian earthquake, there was also a presentation about TB, which apparently kills about 1.7 million people every year, although it is completely curable, just because the drugs are too expensive, that's what Tearfund is trying to do, provide free drugs at clinics.

This morning I will be going to Coffee Plus, which I'm looking forward too, I'll try and catch up with Mum this afternoon though I still need to attack the laundry basket! Ther's no Pathies tonight because they are going on a trip to Wales tomorrow morning, so I think it will be a quiet night watching Morse.
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