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Alphabet Meme

A to Z of Vivh.

Gakked from moth!

A - Accent: British. There's a touch of Scouse in there having grown up on Merseyside, and a hint of kiwi too after living there for 12 years.

B - Breakfast Item: Weetabix and milk, toast an orange juice.

C - Chore you hate doing: ironing. Leave it till there's far too much, because it's so boring. Must have music while I iron. My mother likes ironing

D - Dad's name: Donald Garnett. Garnett was a family name.

E - Essential everyday item: Trio card, good for travel any where in Wirral.

F - Flavour ice cream: Rum and raisin, but I also like coffee, cookies and cream, maple and walnut, hokey pokey etc. And I like waffle cones, German and Italian ice cream is best.

G - Gold or silver: Gold now, but I used to be a silver person when I was younger!

H - Hometown: Bebington, Wirral, born and bred, though I've had quite alot of home towns, some a long way from this one, along the way.

I - Insomnia: Not at all though some times I like to stay up very late.

J - Job Title: Don't have one, what's work?

K - Kids: Three boys, 16, 14 and 11, all on lj at times

L - Living Arrangement: All 5 of us in a detached house, in a nice area, garden backs on to a wood.

M - Mom's birthplace: Walton, Liverpool

N - Number of significant others you've had: Well, only one, the one that I married 18 years ago.

O - Overnight hospital stays: Maternity ward (three times in 3 countries) - obvious reason. Once after a miscarriage and once after a car accident

P - Phobia: Don't think so.

Q - Queer: Strange yes, gay no.

R - Religious Affiliation: Christian, mostly have gone to Anglican Churches, but I don't think denomination is important, my faith is!

S - Siblings: none

T - Time I wake up: 6am on week days, later than that at the weekend!

U - Unnatural hair colours I've had: None. Grey streak currently appearing seems unnatural to me! Might consider doing something about it.

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: None, though there are some types of beans I don't like much.

W - Worst habit: Humming songs for hours on end!

X - X-rays I've had: Little ones from the dentist, some after the car accident and one before we got residence in NZ.

Y - Yummy: Mushrooms, cheese, curry, scampi, red jelly... I love food!

Z - Zodiac sign: Pisces
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