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Today we were out of the house quite early, because we had an appointment with the head of sixth form at Wirral Grammar School at 9.20am to discuss David entering the sixth form in September. When we got there though, he was still taking sixth form assembly, so Matthew's chemistry teacher ended up showing David round the school, he even pointed out where Matthew sits in the chemistry lab! Any way after the tour we finally got to talk to the head of sixth form who seems to think there will be no problem with David being accepted. He will be in touch with us in the next couple of weeks to offer David a place, subject to NZ confirming equivalence of qualifications in the meantime.

When we'd finished at the school we caught a bus into Liverpool where we bought a strange assortment of things, including some drinking glasses, six for 99p and a couple of canvasses also 99p each, I chose a yellow one as well as the normal white one, and am now waiting to be inspired as to what I should paint on it but I think I have an idea! We also bought a cd and a lime green table cloth which will be great for our Kiwi table, a good contrast to the dark green ones I bought earlier. We had baked potatos for lunch, and I thought the green knives and forks they served with them would be great for our colour scheme on Saturday, so Ian, who is much braver than me asked the owner if he could give or sell us some. So now we have a load of bright green knives and forks, at no cost at all!

When we got home I caught up on some housework and stuck all my kiwi icons onto some blue card I had bought, that looks good. Now I just need to find the recipes for Anzac biscuits and Afghans before tomorow night and then I'll be all set, I think!

The evening was a quiet one, another episode of Morse and some card making, two rather pretty cards I think, now I'm drinking coffee and thinking it must nearly be time to go to bed.
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