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Today was a very satisfactory day, lots of things I've been trying to fix up or get sorted over the last week have all come together today, in a neat and orderly fashion. People who we've been trying to get in touch with phoned, details were finalised and the plan really came together, it's so nice when that happens!

This afternoon I went to Little Fishes to see what it was like and to help out. Little fishes is nothing to do with aquariums or fish tanks, but is the Mum's and Toddlers group at church, which is run by two ladies who come to Coffee Plus. I enjoyed myself there and got to know a few of the children and their Mums. It seems like a happy group and I'm sure I'll go back and help there on a regular basis.

Later in the afternoon Ian's cousin Alison popped round to pick up some mail and stayed for a coffee and a chat, which was nice. Then it was time for David to go off to Youth group, and not long afterwards we set off to our house group. A pleasant evening and now I've got all the details for the weekend sorted which is a good feeling.
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