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Well the mission weekend is over, and overall it was an enjoyable and profitable time. Apart from its wider aims, for me it has been an opportunity to work with other people and get to know them better, which has to be a good thing. The international supper was particularly enjoyable, but Sunday was fun too, it was a normal service on Sunday morning, albeit with a rather evangelistic flavour, and I really enjoyed playing in music group this week. The evening service was a guest service and was quite full as evening services go, there was good choice of music and David Rowe spoke well, the best I had heard him over the weekend. After the service I went out to the Three Stags with Helen and Marie and a couple of others, that was a really pleasant end to a busy weekend.

Now it's time to look forward to our break in Florence next week and my birthday party when we get back. Tomorrow I must get round to doing some serious organising, I only worked very slowly at things today, but I had no choice after the ministrations of the dentist! I couldn't eat much at lunch time because my gum was bleeding too much, but by teatime it had healed up enough to manage soft food, actually I cooked some salmon fillets which were really tasty. Another night spent watching Morse (not many left now!) and making cards, might post some more pictures soon, though my card making has drifted away from the Christmas theme onto other things at the moment!
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