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Tuesday was a quiet day, I did some bits and pieces around the house to get ready for party and in the afternoon I went into town to by in some food, again ready for the party. The trains were very delayed on the way into town, a wait of 50 minutes till the first train was due, so I caught a bus instead, though the trains were back to normal by the time I came home. On Tuesday evening a guy came round quoting for new windows, he was there for about three hours, so I never got to watch Morse, I got my guitar out and played that instead, while he and Ian trailed round the house with a tape measure!

Wednesday was a more interesting day, I went to Little Fishes in the afternoon, which was very pleasant and I found that two of the mums there used to be in my year at school,which was nice. David went to youth group where they seem to have had a very lively debate on the subjects of sex, marriage, living together. Meanwhile in the early evening we had a number of phone calls to make or receive, before heading out to the Promiss prayer meeting, which wasnot well attended but pleasant and productive enough.

It is hard to believe that yesterday marked a year since Dad died, and that this time last year I was flying across the world to be here, things are so much better this year. So much has happened in the last year, but it has flown past so fast.
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