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Despite persistent drizzle throughout the day, Florence is just as beautiful as I remember it being nearly 20 years ago. After breakfast we took a taxi into central Florence, to the Uffizi Gallery. Before joining a very long queue to enter the Uffizi we wandered around Il Piazza Del Signoria, a magnicent area full of the most amazing statues

Then we waited to get into the Uffizi, it was a long wait, but well worth it. It was in Italy that I first fell in love with art and walking through those rooms today, it wasn't difficult to understand why. We saw the famous works like The Birth of Venus and Primavera, but almost every picture has so much to offer, you could stand and look at them for so long, and take in the technical mastery of the painters, the way they use paint to create texture and depth and the amazing detail they portray, but also to look at the amazing range of emotion and expression that they have managed to capture in the faces of their subjects. There on the canvas you can see all human emotion, sadness, joy, exaltation, adoration, pain, anger, wistfulness, embarassment and so much more. Matthew commented that these pictures captured peoples expressions better than a photograph ever can, and I think that is true, the men who created those pictures poured out their lives on the canvasses they painted. We saw so much, but there was still more to see, I'll just have to come back again!

After lunch we visited the Duomo, a very striking building, decorated in red and green and white. We climbed the dome of the Duomo, 436 steps up, which afforded us close up views of the fresco of heaven, earth and hell which decorates the interior of the dome, and amazing views of Florence which is truly a lovely city.

Finally a picture of a slightly murky looking Arno river with beautiful Ponte Vecchio as seen from the Uffizi.

Tomorrow we are going to Pisa to see a tower and things! More news then!
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