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Yesterday I had another session with the dentist, not so much blood this time, but my jaw ached all evening! While I was out Ian got a skip delivered so we started clearing the garage, which we abandonned at the beginning of Winter and which I put off until after my birthday! The skips half full already and Ian and I are entering into negotiations over some rugs. At least I can move around the garage without falling over things now! Meanwhile in the house we have been busy clearing up all the debris left over from the party and eating up leftovers before they go off!
We were out early in the evening for Matthew's Parents Evening, the consensus of opinion seems to be that he has settled in well, made friends, is capable academically, heading for A's or A*'s, but whilst very enthusiastic in some subject areas only does what is required in others. Did I really need to spend an hour and a half at school to know that? Or get soaked on the way home! I really don't like the appointment system either, it meant we only got to see the teachers Matthew booked appointments with, and had no opportunity talk with others. Probably not important really but irritating all the same.
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