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I don't seem to have posted here for a couple of days. On Friday Ian was off to Belgium, but most of you will have read all about that in his journal. Meanwhile I went to Coffee Plus on Friday morning and that was really enjoyable. After lunch I popped round to Mum's for a couple of hours, but I had to be back by three because the Asda order was coming. Once I'd put all the groceries away I found some time to paint. The boys went out to McDonalds, because Chris's Pathie Group was meeting there and then walking up to the hall. David and Matthew only stayed long enough to eat, then David came home and Matthew went to his Pathies group. After I collected Chris we walked home through the snow and then I watched Whalerider. I tried to wait up for Ian but by 1am I had to give up and go to bed. Yesterday had a late start but the boys had a great time playing snowballs outsie and spent most of the afternoon playing Risk. Meanwhile I caught up on housework and read a book which I had ordered and arrived in the morning post. I managed to finish both by tea time so we watched Morse in the evening and I made some more cards.
Today we are going to the 9.30am service which we'll have to leave for shortly, I'll be back later!!
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