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Saturday was the day of Christopher's birthday party, so not long after midday six extra children turned up at our place. Then we all (2 adults and 9 children set off to catch the train to Chester where we were going to a Laser Quest place. After they'd all run round shooting each other for an hour or so, we took them to Burger King and then caught the train home again. It all went well, the weather was good, and the trains came when they should, the boys all seemed to have lots of fun, though the fun was very loud at times!! I was really tired by evening time and was glad to be able to sit and watch a quiet episode of Morse and take delivery of some groceries too. Overall it was a good day, especially so because the fun and friendship during the outing, so clearly indicated that Chris is feeling as though he belongs here and has friends in this place not just back in NZ.

Yesterday morning we woke up to a thick blanket of snow covering the ground and snow continuing to fall. Getting to church was a bit of a challenge but I set off early, and having established that trains weren't really operating, I managed to catch a bus that took me straight to church, albeit very slowly. It was really beautiful walking to the station yesterday morning, I was amongst the first people out and walked for ten minutes in a pristine white world which looked as if it had been carefully decorated especially for me, really like something from a fairy tale!! Church was good, if rather emptier than normal, the journey home wasn't so much fun! We opted to wait for a train, but the service was still really irregular, so after extensive snowball throwing we were left cold,wet and dejected with no prospect of being any where warm or dry any time soon. I started cooking lunch over the phone (instructions to David who was home) and eventually a train did come!
Soon we were all warm and dry and happy again!

We set off for the evening service allowing plenty of time for the journey, but by then the trains were pretty much back to normal, though the beautiful, white world ha turned to a mushy, slushy grey for the most part (at least as far as the roads are concerned), and we arrived in good time though our feet were rather soggy. It was a lovely service, and I got talking to the lady in the pew behind after the service, and it turned out she was driving home in our direction, so Ian and I got a lift with her while David went off to youth.

The garden is still white today, but there is no new snow, I'm still trying to dry my boots before I go out mid morning, I supposew they'll end up soaking again!!
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