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Yesterday Ian went off to London for a seminar, meanwhile I popped round to Mum's house for a coffee. After tea I went up to church for a choir practice, attendance was still a bit sparse, but it was a successful practice all the same. This morning I had coffee with Angela at a local garden centre, which also had a craft shop where I was totally indulged!! After that it was off to Little Fishes where we were icing biscuits today! Ian arrived back just before tea time, and after tea we went to the Promiss Prayer meeting up at the Church Hall, while David went to Youth. Debbi gave us a lift back from the meeting and came in and had coffee with us.
The snow from the weekend has almost entirely disappeared now, all that remains are a few sad lumps of snow where snowmen proudly stood just a few days ago, a very sad sight, I'm glad the roads aren't icy though.
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