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I spent most of Saturday uploading things to my website: It's very time consuming loading up all my photos and things but I'm determined to keep going.

Sunday was a more productive day. I was out early to be at church for music group, there were more of us playing/singing than usual which was good, and I really enjoyed it. Church was really full yesterday morning after the previous week's snowy emptiness and it was a good service with an interesting sermon.

I made a vegetable lasagne at lunch time and David spent the afternoon at archery in Birkenhead. Ian and I popped round for a coffee with Mum mid afternoon before setting off for the evening service. The evening service was okay, though somehow the musical lead was a bit weak, I think it may have been a sound system issue, because there were problems with microphones during the sermon too. After the service I went out for a drink with Helen and Marie, which was nice, and there was still some Chinese left for me when I arrived nome too, even better!

The week ahead looks all set to be a pretty busy one, but that suits me!
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