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Well not much happened today really, the morning just passed, in the afternoon I sorted laundry, and our Asda order arrived but turned out to be minus about ten of the items we had ordered, so the rest are being delivered in the morning!

I cooked a roast dinner for tea which was lovely, and after that it was time to go to choir. It was really good fun at choir tonight, Steve(the rector) was like a child with a new toy, he obviously really likes the new piano they've bought for church, and was busy showing off what it is capable of at the beginning and end of the practice, playing all sorts of fragments of well known music! We also trialled an arrangement of some songs which he'd jotted down earlier in the day, the first part was an arrangement of "Awesome God " which seemed to work pretty well, then it went in a version of "How great is our God" which he'd somehow juxtaposed in canon with "Glory, glory hallelujah"! I'm sure any one who is familiar with both songs will bewildered trying to imagine this, though it did actually fit together quite well. I doubt it will make the final cut for our Easter Praise service, but was enormous fun. He explained as he handed out his hurried handwritten copies of this, that it was just to make us grateful that he was leaving and we wouldn't have to put up with any more of his silly ideas!! Actually I think we'll miss the silly ideas!
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