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It's Sunday evening here, though all my friends in New Zealand are already starting Monday morning.

Thursday was a pleasant day which involved drinking large amounts of coffee, some at Angela's house in the morning and some at Chris's house in the afternoon. Very pleasant, it's great to catch up and have a good chat with people.

On Friday morning I went to Coffee Plus, which was lovely as usual and in the afternoon I went round to Mum's for coffee and a chat.

On Saturday I made a vegetable lasagne and fixed up some salad for the evening. I also got out and did some gardening for the first time since Christmas. It was a lovely sunny day with a real feel of spring in the air, and I enjoyed being outside, deheading hydrangeas and generally tidying up for a while. In the evening we went over to Oxton for the Coffee Plus social at Chris's place, it was a really pleasant evening, there were nineteen of us there, and it was really good to spend some social time together rather than the usual hurried greetings at the beginning or end of a service. It was nearly midnight when we arrived home.

Today we've done the usual church things and had lunch at Mum's. Ian fixed up some things on Mum's computer and we watched Oxford win the boat race. Back to church in the evening. The sermon tonight was all about how important every Christian is, no matter how insignificant, they or their lives may seem, that was a good message.
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