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Yesterday I went to the dentist(again) and they were all feeling very unhappy about the the new NHS contract they have had to sign, in order to keep on offering National Health Service dentistry. It demands that they see far more patients than they currently do,and it is already a very busy clinic. They were one of the very few clinics which managed to achieve current targets and yet they seem to be being hit particularly heavily with the new demands. If the demands continue to be so unreasonable I suspect the practice will end up having to abandon NHS dentistry, as many others have already done, which would be a great shame!

In the afternoon Ian and I went to Focus, by Asda to do a bit of shopping, and also to think about what we want to do with our bathroom and toilet, which need replacing. When we got home, we got a phone call from a guy called Bob who works for the Ark Proect which is setting up two houses. We had decided that we would donate our spare fridge-freezer which was stored in the garage and a little later he came and picked it up.

Chris was home from school early because they had a "merit half" (no afternoon school because they've been good!)and Matthew spent the evening trying to learn javascript, while David is trying to do something with the church's youth website.

We watched an episode of Cracker, and while we we watching I made some Easter/spring cards

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