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I don't seem to have been here much this week, not at all yesterday. I'm not sure why really, I have been moderately busy, but not that busy! Oh well I'm here now and I can't really remember all that's happened since I last wrote an entry, but I'll see what I can do.

All I can remember about Tuesday was choir practice in the evening, our last one before the Easter Praise service. It was all a bit chaotic because Steve(the rector) was away, leading at Word Alive (part of Spring Harvest) and the list of songs he has chosen for the service was a bit of a surprise. It didn't include a couple of songs which we had been practising for several weeks, including "This joyful Eastertide" which I really like, but did include several songs which we only started to learn last week, including Steve's arrangement of Awesome God which Mal and Chris who were leading the practice didn't know at all!! Of course we all coped and everything will be just fine, I think! but in a moment of mad generosity I volunteered to make extra copies of songs we were short of and make sure all the music is organised for Sunday. Well, it is, now, more of that later...

Wednesday was Little Fishes, the last one before Easter, so we had a short service over in the Church, which involved a teddy bear wearing a lion mask, marching/running(4 year old boys)/toddling round the church and the Easter Egg Hunt! All good fun if a little fraught at times!! I took a momment while everyone was sitting quietly with juice and biscuits to sneak into the back and find music copies for one of the songs I needed to photocopy. In the evening we had a reasonaby productive prayer meeting, during which I managed to track down the music for another of the songs for Sunday.

On Thursday Mum came round in the afternoon and I made a couple of cards for a birthday and an anniversary, (note to self - must deliver card today). In the evening we went to see a play called "The Gaslight" in Willaston Church Hall. Willaston is a very picturesque village, with a negligible pulic transport service so we went by taxi. A friend of mine from church was playing the female lead, and she was excellent, as indeed was the whole production, which was a relief, because it will be lovely to be able to tell her sincerely how much I enjoyed the play, rather than mumbling something polite next time I see her!

Yesterday really was mildly chaotic, first there was Coffee Plus, where we had a good time of sharing,(news, thoughts and small chocolate eggs), some prayer and an informal communion service. After that I went and did the photocopying at the Church Office. After mastering the eccentricities of the photocopier, that was quite straightforward, if rather time consuming, over an hour at least.

Home midafternoon and after having a very belated lunch, I tackled the huge mound of photocopied music. I felt like I was involved in a huge paper war, I sorted and stapled and foldered until all the music for Sunday was neatly and orderly subdued in named folders, however I still had a large pile of debris, music we're not singing on Sunday, music we'll probably never sing and miscellaneous orders of service from past events! I didn't have the energy to deal with that just then, and finally sorted that lot out this morning when I reduced it to a manageable pile of music that might be useful in future, neatly organised in a box! So I think I'm all organised now, except for one nagging doubt, which tune are we using for "When I survey the Wondrous Cross", noone knew, so I had to guess, did I guess right? I suppose I'll find out tomorrow!
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