Viv (vivh) wrote,

It's school holidays here and it's also holy week, which was sort of kicked off by Easter Praise at church on Sunday evening. I really enjoyed it in the end, I always enjoy singing with a choir and it went very well, all the same I found organising the music really stressful. I was just so worried whether I was doing the right thing, and that feeling didn't really fade until we were actually starting the service, in fact I still didn't know which tune we were singing for "When I survey" until the piano started playing in the actual service, though by then I'd stopped worrying! (I had picked the right tune!*g*). Anyway it was lovely in the end, and worth all the trouble!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here, bright sunshine and blue skies all day, the blossom on the trees is looking beautiful, and all the bulbs are in flower. My favourite of all are the primroses, not the cultivated primulas, just the wild primroses like the ones growing in the churchyard, somehow for me, they symbolise Springtime more than anything else. I didn't do all that much with the beautiful day, saw the dentist in the morning and went out for a walk to deliver card, that was lovely, well much nicer than the dentist anyway!!

Today is grey and drizzly, so I guess the washing will end up on the radiators again, meanwhile Ian has a job interview in Chester this morning and I think today might be a good day to buy Easter eggs.
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