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Yesterday was a good day, sheaj34 came round for a coffee and a chat which was lovely. Just after she went home the mail arrived telling us we had won an overnight stay for two at a hotel just by shopping with Asda online. So now all we have to do is decide when and where to go. Should we go to Yorkshire or Cumbria, Nottingham or the Cotswolds, the Isle of Man or over to Norfolk? Now that's the sort of decision I don't mind having to make!

In the evening we went to a Jews for Jesus event at Lower Bebington Methodist Church, there was a good crowd there, including a few people who we knew but hadn't seen since we arrived back in the UK. The speaker was a lady called Irina, from Kiev. She was explaining all about Passover, the Jewish symbolism, and also the Christian symbolism inherent in it too. It was really interesting, Irina explained really clearly and held the audience's attention well. She was an excellent speaker and she had a wonderful strong faith which shone through everything she said. I was glad that we went, it was really worthwhile.
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