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Good Friday

Good Friday was a really good day. The whole family came to the Good Friday service at church. It was a very long service but was well done and gave me lots to think about, like what was it like in the darkness between the sixth and the nineth hour and why did Jesus not answer some questions and other things too.
After the service, we had to hurry home because we were expecting friends for lunch. They were friends who we hadn't seen for fifteen years. Luckily for us, they were a bit delayed which gave me time to peel and chop all the vegetables before they arrived. I'd been a bit apprehensive about seeing them again after so long but in the event, we shared a very pleasant meal and afternoon with them. They stayed until late afternoon.
After tea Ian and I went out for a walk up to the Plymyard Cemetery, just under half an hour away, to have a look at Dad's gravestone there, something I'd been meaning to do for ages. It was a beautiful evening with a clear, blue sky and gentle evening sun, the world looked very beautiful. By the time we got home it was nearly dark and it was lovely to walk into the warm house and a delicious smell of waffles that the boys had eaten for tea.
I don't think today is going to be very busy, though I must go to town and give Mum a call some time.
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