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Easter Day

We were up early to welcome the sunrise on Easter Day and then listened to the Easter Day Service we had recorded at St Andrew's back in March. I thought it sounded pretty good, and came across quite well. By the time that was over, it was time to go off to morning service. Well actually, in the event I got a lift to the station with my neighbour and caught the train before the one I intended to catch so was there remarkably early! The weather was damp and grey while I waited outside church, but I found a sheltered spot under a tree, and watched a squirrel scampering around the gravestones, which was lovely. The service was good, with a really packed church and communion to follow. Steve, who was preaching, had brought a lampshade to church covered with a cloth face, which he switched on to illustrate God helping us understand with our minds things we already believe in our hearts. Ian said that the face bore a remarkable resemblance to C3PO when it was lit up, but I was sitting behind it so I couldn't comment!!

Ian and I stayed for communion, but the rest of the family went home and Mum started cooking lunch. By the time we came out of church, the cloud had cleared and it was a beautiful spring day. So we had lunch and ate chocolate and then after Mum went home, we went round to Angela's place where we drank wine and diet coke until it was time to go to church again!

The church felt empty in the evening after the crowd that had been there in the morning, but the evening service was lovely all the same.
I talked with lady who is currently the Crosslinks Rep, a role which Ian and I are going to take on shortly, and arranged a time to meet and talk about what the role entails. That will be good, and very interesting.
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