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A busy week

The last week has gone by very fast and a lot has happened, so I think I had better go for a highlights only approach to this entry. Early last week was marked by couple of meetings where some extraordinary cooincences came to light, and a few things which had been puzzling me started to make sense.

David was very busy last week, finding out how to use the tech equipment for camp at the weekend. All three boys went to camp at Bala this weekend, David as a leader, the others as campers. For a fuller description of camp see bamboobowboy's journal. While they were there, Ian and I went to London.Highlights of the trip included climbing the dome of St Paul's cathedral and a wonderful Thai meal with our friend David on Friday night. For a fuller description of our trip to London see ringbark's journal.

This week I am busy organising a meal for Crosslinks Sunday, this coming Sunday, and also trying to plan things for a Pentecost Party, at our family service at the beginning of June. It involved lots of time on the phone yesterday, and will involve more today. I will try to write more later but now I have to go to the dentist.
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