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Apart from the dentist, yesterday was quite a good day, actually even the dentist wasn't too painful! Any way I achieved quite a lot on all fronts, all of my phonecalls are made and now I'm just waiting on a response to an e mail I sent asking for clarification on something. Otherwise the house is looking tidier than it has in the last week, I got lots of laundry done.I also finished a poster for the Pentecost party and finished sorting out material for the display on Crosslinks. My friend Margaret joined us for a very pleasant meal last night, we had salmon steaks and a fairly inteesting chat!
Today I have Little Fishes, and in the evening we have the Annual Parochial Church Meeting to "look forward" to! I've been studying the Parish financial review with "interest",(no really, there are some matters which are a little puzzling in there!) Otherwise a fairly quiet day I think, but who knows!!
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