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Well the meal for Sunday is all sorted, and I've sort of organised a Crosslinks display for the board at church, though this is subject to revision as apparently a Crosslinks Poster arrived yesterday and I'll need to incorporate that too, I even know more or less what I want to cover leading the prayers on Sunday, so life is quite peaceful now. Yesterday was generally quite a profitable day, Little Fishes was fun, even if Marie did dress me up in tin foil, told everyone I was Goliath and encouraged a child to throw marshmallows at me! The bubble machine was amusing too.
To be honest even the Parish Meeting wasn't bad, it didn't go on too long, was good humoured and coffee provided a good opportunity to chat with people, some of whom I hadn't caught up with for a while.
Today, I'm having coffee with sheaj34 this afternoon and before that we need to put in a grocery order and do some washing. I think it should be a quite relaxing but productive sort of day, but we'll see!
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