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Well here we are on a damp bank holiday morning. On Saturday we went shopping in Birkenhead, in search of cards and presents. I didn't really know what to buy, but in the end we found something that I think Mum will like, I hope so anyway.

Yesterday was Crosslinks Sunday, and the day we officially took over as Crosslinks reps. Every thing seemed to go okay, Ian did the reading in the service and I did the prayers. The preacher from Crosslinks was called Alan Purser, his sermon and talk in the afternoon were interesting and gave us lots of food for thought, but it lacked that inspirational quality that makes you so excited that you want to go straight out and do something. The meal seemed to be quite successful, about thirty people came and there was just enough food to go round. So all was well, and I don't think any one actually fell asleep in the session after lunch!

Today we're going out for lunch with Mum to celebrate her 70th birthday, which is really tomorrow, that should be lovely, but I really must get some things done before it's time to go!
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