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It's been a busy week. On Monday we had a lovely meal with Mum for her birthday, and spent the rest of the afternoon round at her place.

On Tuesday we went to see Kathryn and came back home with a big pink box full of Crosslinks things. I need to spend some time sorting it all out so that I know what's there and can find things when I want them. It was an interesting afternoon and I enjoyed chatting to Kathryn and Laurence. In the evening I went up to the Church Hall, where Marie, Anna, Fiona and I tidied the Little Fishes cupboard. We threw out some of the tattier craft resources and washed a lot of toys, particularly the baby toys.

Yesterday at Little Fishes we were thinking about creation and were making a giant world. They made the sea in the morning and we painted the land in the afternoon. It was very, very green. After I'd cleaned up I ended up with rather green arms! It was a wonderfully warm sunny day yeaterday and I really enjoyed it. In the evening we went out to the Parish Prayer Meeting which was a good meeting, definitely one of the better ones that I've been to.

Today is polling day in our local council elections, so I suppose I'll be voting later today. Might pop in for a coffee with Mum after because our polling station is just up the road from her place.


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May. 4th, 2006 09:04 am (UTC)
Little Fishes seems to be getting you into strife LOL!

I'm so glad you can enjoy a parish prayer meeting. That's really cool. I am looking forward to getting some inspiration at the Synod at Queen's Birthday Weekend.

Happy voting.
May. 5th, 2006 04:10 pm (UTC)
Little Fishes seems to be getting you into strife LOL!
Yes it does, but it is fun, the way only working with small children can be!
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