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After several days of glorious sunshine when you could almost have believed summer was already here, today was dismal and damp. This was appropriate for my mood after a particularly unpleasant visit to the dentist. I will spare you the details, suffice to say it took the dentist nearly an hour to remove one tooth, and fail to remove another, leaving me with a rather achy jaw! The tooth saga to be continued next Tuesday:( I also had my hair cut today but that was much pleasanter than the dentist! Despite the rain and the pain, I couldn't help noticing how lovely everything is looking just now, the graveyard at church is full of bluebells and snowdrops as well as primroses, and the gardens in our street are full of gloriously coloured flowers and blossom. The birds seemed to be singing particularly enthusiastically today, maybe they like the rain!

Tonight Ian and Matthew went up to school for a meeting about the Poland trip whilst I went to church for a music practice. The practice was a bit slow off the mark, no one is really quite sure what affect the changes to the morning service which are starting this coming Sunday are going to have on the music side of things, so there was a lot of uncertainty, about what we should be doing and practising.

In other news we went to a church coffee morning on Saturday, where we ate too many delicious cakes, and embarassingly Ian appears to have won the quiz they were having, so now we have to figure out what to do with the prize!

Tomorrow Mum and I are going to Manchester to see her accountant. I'm sure we'll fit in lunch and some shopping while we're there too.
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