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Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter!

Tomorrow morning Ian and I will be up very early to go Eastham country park for a sunrise service. We will then go to the normal service at church with the boys. In the afternoon we will be heading down to London and staying in Wembley for the night before flying to Iceland from Gatwick on Monday morning! I hope to be able post some pictures of the trip while we're there but I'll see what internet access is like!

In the meantime here are few photos I've taken here on the Wirral over the past couple of weeks, ust to show that spring is really here!:Read more...Collapse )

A busy few days

On Thursday we were back over at Alder Hey for Chris's clinic appointment. We arrived at the hospital not long after half nine and managed to have Chris's bloodtests done before 10am. We fitted in a quick coffee for me and Coke for Chris before headed up to clinic. Clinic was a bit short staffed today, both receptionists were missing and so was Hayley who usually does the weighing and measuring. Despite this we were finished in record time. Chris got a taxi back to school while I had lunch and waited for pharmacy. Just as I was collecting Chris's meds, someone told me that Twin Vision were up at clinic and were looking for us. So I popped back up there and they had invitations to the launch event of the film which Chris helped make, which is going to be part of a display "A room with a view" at St Georges Hall in Liverpool.

After I got home from the hospital I went and spent a pleasant afternoon drinking coffee and chatting with Angela at her place, before coming home for tea. in the evening Chris started his next round of steroids.

On Friday Chris's mock exams began, he had his German oral and aural exams in the morning and his English Language exam in the afternoon. He said there was a lot of sitting around between exams but all seems to have gone okay.
Ian was home pretty late in the evening, there having been some delays due to overhead wire problems somewhere in the vicinity of Rugby!

This morning Ian and I were out early for a prayer breakfast. Chris's day proceeded at a more leisurely pace though he did decide to pop out to the Co-op to buy in supplies (Jammie dodgers, croissants and pain chocolats - steroids!!) Meanwhile Ian and I had an interesting time helping Debbi change the tyre on her car when she had a flat just as she left the breakfast! When we got home I made Chris a nice lunch/ brunch of an omelette, bacon and croissants before going to buy a new suitcase for Ian in Birkenhead.

Days fly by

On Sunday Ian and I went to church in the morning and came home afterwards. We had a salmon for lunch and during the afternoon Chris tidied his bedroom. We were all back at church in the evening and Chris was expecting to go to tea and toast at Stoff's but it was cancelled so he came home and ate toast here instead, four pieces of lovely warm butterytoast. Chris then played on the Wii for ages, Ian and I played too but our performances were not so impressive!

On Monday I had a lovely lunch with my friend Ann at Zugers, followed by coffee plus at Alison's. in the evening I was at Open Door. Meanwhile Chris had school as usual. In the morning he had his GCSE Chemistry module, he seems to think it all went well. In the evening he went to cell where they had a social to say farewell to one of the older girls who is going off to Uganda for a few months.

On Tuesday I went to bag-a-bargain in the morning and went over to West Kirby and walked along the coast to Hoylake. Chris had a pretty uneventful day at school though he pleased his PE teacher by telling him that he is going to start attending PE lessons again!

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The thaw

On Friday we woke up to rain, and a very wet world. There was still quite a bit of snow and ice around, but it was definitely the beginning of a thaw. Chris had an ordinary day at school, and was pleased to get a card with his NI number through the post! Ian wasn't so pleased to hit a few problems on his way home, meaning that he didn't arrive home until well after 11pm!
By Saturday all vestiges of snow and ice were gone. We had a pretty lazy day, I went out to Messy Church in the afternoon, Ian ventured out as far as the local shops and Chris's most energetic venture was spending some time playing on the Wii!

More snow...

On Wednesday we woke up to fresh snow, and when Chris left the house he found that not only had it snowed overnight but it was still snowing. Despite this he made it safely to school and I was able to get to Little Fishes, where attendance was lower than usual, but some Mum's were very glad to get out after been stuck at home for days because of the weather!! And the world looked very pretty, yesterday's slush covered by pristine white snow again!

In the evening, with snow still falling, Chris set off to Bromborough for Bowling with the Life group and I went out to my housegroup.

Yesterday Chris had had another GCSE module, this time in Biology. He says it was easy, so hopefully he has done well. While he was busy with exams I made a trip to London for a meeting with Jubilate (the people I work for!) - that went well, though I was a little late because my train out of Chester was cancelled! I managed to sneak in half an hour at the British Museum before meeting up with Ian for tea. There was no evidence of snow in cental London so it was a bit of shock to be back in snow and ice when I got back. I got home just before bedtime.

Back to school and back to Sheffield

Chris was back at school yesterday. Everything seemed to be running smoothly including the school bus, despite the continuing icy, snowy conditions. Things have been starting to thaw today, and main roads are mainly clear now, but the pavements are a mixture of ice, snow and slush, and side roads can still be a bit of a nightmare!
In the evening David cooked burgers for tea while I went out to Open Door, and then Chris went out to cell group.

Slushy pavements

Today was another ordinary school day for Chris. David got up early to say goodbye to him before he left for school and I was out early for Bag-a-Bargain, where we had a very slow morning... When I got back David and I headed out to Lime Street where we had coffee and lunch before he caught the train to Sheffield. I called in at Mum's place on the way home. Chris and I spent a quiet evening at home, though Chris was quite energetic, working out on the Wii and lifting some weights!

Snow Days

On Saturday we mostly stayed at home, safe and warm staring out at the white world. I ventured as far as the post box, and took a look around, but that was it for the day... However we ate well, bacon and eggs for breakfast, homemade pizza for lunch and roast chicken for tea, not to mention pain chocolat for supper! Chris also managed to get some school work done ready for Monday.

This morning Ian and I both went to the morning service at Church, both trains and buses continue to run normally despite the poor conditions. While we were at church Chris went to the Co-op to buy some milk and bread for us and some milk and apples for Mum, (he also bought some croissants just for him!). He called in at Mum's place on his way back and arrived home just after us. We had steak and chips for lunch and all four of us went to church for the evening service. David and Chris both went to Stoff's place for toast and tea after the service. Earlier in the day the snow was starting to thaw, but there has been a fresh fall of snow this evening, so we shall have to see what the morning brings weatherwise

Back at home

Yesterday Chris had his regular appointment at Alder Hey. We were due at clinic at 11am and left home at 9am by taxi. Actually although some roads remain very snowy and icy we had a very straightforward journey. Neither bloodtests nor clinic were particularly busy and all went smoothly. Chris left straight after clinic and headed for home (via the doughnut stall in Queen's Square), whilst I waited an extra hour for pharmacy to fill our prescription! I travelled home via bus and train, taking a quick look at a snowy Cathedral on the way!

Today I went to the funeral of the father of one of my friend's from Church. It was a lovely service and afterwards there was a function at the Manor House. It went really well and was as lovely an occasion as a funeral can be. Meanwhile the rest of the family were busy, Matthew popped round to Mum's place to put her decorations in the loft, before going for lunch with Stoff and heading back up to Lancaster. Chris went to have his haircut today and did some shopping at the Co-op while he was out. David put our Christmas decorations away in the garage. I too had to go go to the Co-op to buy a few bits and pieces for Mum, before going over to Liverpool to meet Ian off the train.

A few photos of snowy Bromborough and Bebington:

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Madame Tussauds and snow

Today we woke to a white world. We travelled to Madame Tussauds, throwing a "few" snowballs on the way!! We had a good time at Madame Tussauds and stopped for more snowballs and some lunch on the way to the hotel. Then we set off back to Wirral. The chester train was cancelled so we caught the late running Liverpool train. The journey took a little longer than normal but was otherwise straightforward. We arrived home about tea time and set about warming up our cold house!

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Yesterday morning we went to New Zealand House so that David and Matthew could renew their returning resident's visa. While they were there Chris and I went shopping at the New Zealand shop and spent far too much money!! - but we can now enjoy Twisties, Cameo Creams and Chocolate Fish!! We then wandered to Trafalgar Square, where they were take the Christmas tree down and the fountain was frozen solid, and we went for a coffee/hot choclate to warm up! Once the boys had finished we all went and had lunch at Pizza Hut. After lunch we decided to give the London Dungeon a go. This proved enjoyable, a vast improvement on the smelly, horrible experience we had there a few years back. David was tortured and I was attacked by Jack the Ripper! but the highlight of the tpour is probably the freefall drop at the end of the tour! After that we walked up to Liverpool Street Station where Ian, Matthew and Chris got new mobile phones. We went to Leicester Square in the evening where we watched Planet 51 and ate Burger King before returning to our hotel through the gently falling snow.

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    *sigh* you take such magnificent photos. I love them all. I wish we could pop into some other country... the water looks absolutely stunning.
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    I was there many years ago....your photos show it hasnt changed much if at all ! I loved the old town, the colours of the buildings...mmmm, must go again !
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